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Sold out at the moment, please check back in a day or two....more mice are on the way too, as well as some customs I'm working to get done. Peace!

One of these days I'll get my act together and figure out the best way to list stuff, but until then I'll keep struggling to keep items for sale. Let me know if you have a may take quite a while but I will eventually get to it.
To those friends and customers who have been patient with me through the death of my son, I don't think you know how much I have appreciated the has kept me going, literally. I made a blog, more so for activism, but please feel free to stop by it and learn a bit about the dangers of the gas corporations rush to drill, and the hazards which are becoming much more common because of it. Be sure and read the post about the dragonfly!
I am sincerely apologetic to all of you, my wonderful patrons and those asking questions and making requests, for my failure to answer my convos in a timely manner. I'm trying to reorganize and get moving again. We have had to make some big adjustments in schedules due to our son's death, mainly because of caring for his children and helping his fiance get through this. His death never should have happened, the site he was working at (gas well drilling) was completely muddy and unstable, but due to the goldrush mentality these companies have, safety measures were not taken and because of it we lost our son. Our lives are in limbo, daily it feels as if we are watching a tragic can this be our lives??

And to those people who live above the Marcellus Shale (rock formations underground holding huge amounts of natural gas) prepare yourselves for a bombardment of change...please see the movie "Gasland" as soon as possible, and know that MOST of the young men working for these companies have been lied to concerning the chemicals used, the dangers related to the job, and that they are replaceable, their only memory to the company being a paragraph on a stockholders report.

Thank you to everyone who offered condolences. We are struggling through this, as anyone would, and are just making it through each day, usually ending in the evening with memories and tears. I cannot believe the outpouring of kindness from sooooo many here on Etsy, I will eventually answer all the emails. As I said on my facebook page, this probably violates all etiquette rules known to man, but if anyone would like to see a small glimpse of why our son was so special to us, we put up the beautiful video a friend made us at:

I will not be working as often as I had been, mostly because I am trying to spend most of my waking hours with my son's babies. These sweet children have been robbed of my son's gentle love and kind influence and I am not going to rob them twice by putting deadlines and pressures first. I will not be taking any special orders, however if you are wanting something I have already made in the past please let me know and I'll bump that animal up on the list of "to do's."

Thank you again for your patience and understanding - Nancy Bevins
Also wanted to mention that almost all of my animals can be made without the necklace for those just interested in collecting miniatures. Let me know when purchasing if you want it free standing (or sitting) and I can switch it up. Thank you for coming by for a look! I am always trying to come up with a few new animals, as well as other sculptures, but I try to rotate through old favorites too...if you haven't seen a favorite animal for a while, please give me a nudge and let me know you'd like one, and when I get one done and listed I can email you. But this may take a while, my apologies!

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