NORDICARTFABRIC's Shop Announcement

HI THERE all PEOPLE who loves to handicraft things and VELCOME to my shop NORDICARTFABRIC here on Etsy.

This is the background for this shop:
I have been an artisan most of my grown life and have during the years accumulated VERY MUCH FABRIC QUILT SUPPLIES. I have now realized, that I will never get enough time myself to make use of all that stuff.

Therefore I have decided to sell theese supplies and let someone else get use of it. Some fabrics are older and you will find them in special sections, sometimes very unusual/rare and today really hard to find.

I am an experienced seller and have been selling my things successfully for many years on other internet sites as well as on my 3 other Etsy-stores. Please read my profile for further information on me and my selling policies.

New items will be listed whenever I find the time for it. If you want more of anything - just contact me and I will make a special listing for you.

As per Etsys rules I am meant to disclose the other etsy store NORDICART whitch I have here on etsy for my own art work, NORDICARTSUPPLIES for the jewelry+sewing supplies I no longer need, NORDICARTCURIOSITY for collected Sweden and design items from 1940-80s, NORDICARTLINENS for my collection of hand-embroidered linens and hankies and NORDICARTVINTAGE that I have have started for vintage jewelry from my collections.

Feel free to look around, I will combine shipping for all stores.

I donĀ“t have the time to blog about my shop/shops or my items, so if you like to blog and happens to fancy my shop/shops or any items in them - then just feel free to blog about them for me.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.