notchroadfairies' Shop Announcement

See something you like? Send me a convo...I'm willing to entertain offers and try to work out a deal. :) This is Tinker Toad from Notch Road Fairies. My family and I are very Earth conscious and environmental people who take special time out of our lives to be aware of the needs of both our Earth Mother and all of her inhabitants. I spend my days creating inspiring reclaimed clothing, gardening on our New England homestead and being aware of all of our wonderful blessings. We as a family often take our ways of recycling and upcycling to a whole new level of extreme and enrich our lives through doing so. We are avid Vegans and activists of freedom and justice for all. Our Notch Road Fairies Collection is a unique collection of hand made, one of a kind sculptures, including all types of fairies, mer-folk, dryads, plump pixies, goddesses, and totem creatures. I smith with sterling silver and reclaimed gemstones to also create one of a kind magical jewelry. I love to felt with all native wool to make felted goods such as hats. I am sure to check my sources to only include cruelty free supplies. My sewing allows me to create new and exciting items from old clothing and fabrics that have lost their magic. These one of a kind creations are made with love and cannot be found in any store. These pieces will never be replicated or reproduced in any way. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or just to be friends. Thank you for reaching out to our family and brightest blessings to you and yours. ~Tinker Toad

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.