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Organize, See and Display your Jewelry, by installing the Ultimate Jewelry Organizer ~*~ Originally Designed and Created by One BLESSED mommie.

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One BLESSED mommie (Natosha) is dedicated to making quality products that will help you organize your jewelry and spice up your life! A portion of all sales will help with purchasing a vehicle to transport Natosha's family and will also go to Families of SMA ( ) to help fund the CURE to Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA). Natosha's sweet daughters Denalli (6yrs) and Ryka (9months) have SMA type II.

So, here is the scoop: One BLESSED mommie/Blessed Country Mommie is just that... A mother who has been richly blessed with 5 beautiful, amazing, quirky, loving children. But this mommie is ultimately blessed by her oldest and youngest daughters: Denalli and Ryka. Both Denalli and Ryka were born with a rare genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type II. SMA is a genetic disorder that affects all the muscles in their bodies, and it is the number one genetic killer of infants. Denalli is 6 years old, and is un-able to walk independently or crawl, and Ryka is 9 months old, just starting her life long journey with SMA.

Most wonder when Natosha finds time to be "creative". I mean with 5 kids (6 yrs and under), she should be busy enough, right?!? Well, you see, there is a BIG need... let me explain: Currently, Natosha's family consists of 5 small children, 2 adults, and 2 large power-chairs. She and her husband manage a ranch out on the plains of South Dakota, and the income generated from the ranch job is just enough to cover their living and ranching expenses. The basic reason for her "creativeness" and working long hours into the night, is to provide her family with the extra medical needs that are not covered otherwise. One of the impending medical needs is a vehicle that will safely transport her family. Right now, she is diligently working on saving funds to purchase a vehicle that is big enough to safely hold all 5 children, 2 power-chairs, and 2 adults. She and her husband currently own a regular minivan that (needless to say) is filled to the brim. Currently whenever they go places as a family, their 6 year old daughter is constrained to being carried everywhere, because there is simply not enough room in the van to safely hold the children AND a power-chair...

Your support is appreciated so much!! Please share/tweet/like/pin her store with your friends and family.

Finally, because Natosha strongly believes in curing SMA and the horrible disease that it is; 10% of all sales will go to Families of SMA. ( If you also would like to help raise funds to CURE SMA, please contact Natosha or

In ending, know and understand that your support will not only change the lives of her children, but you will touch THOUSANDS of children's lives around the globe that are affected by SMA.

Thanks for stopping by! Go hug them babies and make memories while the sun is shining!

Warmly, Natosha
aka: One BLESSED mommie

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