ouzel's Shop Announcement

Personalized, longlasting and very affordable. Made with care and attention to all details. Jewelry Designers will love these but so will other craftspeople.

I'm a bird that likes to dive underwater near waterfalls. That's where I dream up the solution to your project and float back to the surface holding what I think will be the perfect tag for your creations. I love to dive and see what's new under the stream of ideas. Come join me and discuss your project. The water is so clear here.

UPDATE Feb 2014

I'm working away on custom tags and custom jewelry parts and findings. I would love to consult with you and bid on your project. Often I do design work in the late evening 9-12pm and in the early morning. Reorders can email me directly or call. Spring is a great time for us to work on tag and jewelry projects together.

1. Art Direction and links to product and logo, or attach sketches and files
2. Name of Font, or style and case ( upper,lower,title)
and number of lines of text ?
3. Metal Finish(es) ?
4. Shape? 
5. Length x Width? 
6. Inside Diameter of attachment hole, location of hole?
7. Quantity you'd like quotes for?
8. Contact Info
9. Shipping type desired?
10. Your budget, if you would like to place a limit on per pc
11. Are you in CA. If so, Would you like tax free?

800-869-9462 wk toll free, CA time 11-6pm
510-222-1222 Wk
510-621-8823 Cell phone
email: Ouzel [!at]