pearlplaceNmore's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Pearl Place N More, my Etsy shop of Quality Sun Catchers handmade with Swarovski Crystal. I purchase directly from Swarovski to give you my best price. All of my items that contain ONLY SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS will come with an Official Tag from Swarovski which serves as a Certificate of Authenticity. The label marks products made EXCLUSIVELY with genuine SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS and is only given to Swarovski Ingredient Branding Partners. I am a Contracted Swarovski Branding Partner. Sun Catchers made with Swarovski Spectra Crystal & Swarovski Elements will carry a "Made with Swarovski Crystal" Tag, because that is what they are and do not qualify for the Swarovski Elements Tag.

UNFORTUNATELY there is a seller on Etsy who includes the Elements tag on items that do not qualify for the Prestigious Swarovski Elements Tag and SHE IS BREAKING SWAROVSKI BRANDING RULES! FYI - Here are samples of what SHE IS MISLABELING & does not qualify for the Swarovski Elements Tag - Anything made with the Swarovski Spectra line of crystal (Mozart Twist Balls in suncatchers and Angels, Swarovski 8551 Crystal balls and Spectra Octagons INCLUDING THE LARGE ONES USED AS THE BASE OF SOME LOTUS AND ALL THE LARGER CLEAR ONES USED IN A STAR CIRCLE OF LIFE. Also some of the smaller 14mm Clear & Aurora Borealis octagons used in other sun catchers are being misrepresented as Elements. IT IS SO SAD SHE CLAIMS TO BE PROFESSIONAL AND CONTINUES TO MISLABELS THESE ITEMS. IF THESE ITEMS ARE NOT LOGO ETCHED, THEY ARE NOT SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS AND they do not qualify for the SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Official Tag or using the phrase "MADE WITH SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS." (When in doubt about the above items, ask the seller if they are logo etched, (don't ask about their copyright - that doesn't tell you if it is Spectra or Elements Crystal) if not the product is being misrepresented AND YOU ARE NOT BUYING AN ITEM MADE ONLY WITH GENUINE SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. OH, Isn't that called FRAUD?? (VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.)


My designs are Copyrighted and filed with the Library of Congress, but as you can see they have been copied (some being the Quad winged angels, pineapples, chakra design and small guardian angels.) She has been copying me for over 2 years & copied a lot of my designs. Her copyrights were filed incorrectly and are invalid. You cannot effectively file a "collection" AFTER it has been published, a collection must be filed BEFORE it is published / displayed! All of her collections have publishing dates before the filing date (right on the copyright certificate.) FYI - (The filing date is the date you file a copyright, not the date the copyright office issues the copyright.) (You can only file for a collection if they have not been published.) THE COPYRIGHT OFFICE ONLY ISSUES COPYRIGHTS, THEY DO NOT GET INTO THEIR VALIDITY OR ENFORCE IT. THEY SAY IT IS UP TO THE COURTS TO BE THE JUDGE AND JURY AS TO WHOSE COPYRIGHT IS VALID!

THERE IS NOTHING MORE UNPROFESSIONAL AND SELF-SERVING THAN TELLING OTHERS HOW WONDERFUL YOU ARE, which this other seller does in length. Saying you are professional and actually being professional are two different things! Oh, she refers to herself as a co-branding DESIGNER - but there is no such thing - she is a co-branding partner. SHE IS SO FULL OF HERSELF AND IT IS SO SAD SHE BEHAVES THIS WAY. Need I say more???

**********SHE ALSO HAD THE AUDACITY AND ARROGANCE to copy my quad angel and submit it to Swarovski for approval to become a co-branding partner, THIS IS A FACT!. She is not very original! **********

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I HOPE YOU ENJOY VIEWING MY SUN CATCHERS. If you need something not shown or have any questions, please contact me. I usually answer my emails several times a day.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.