peternevins' Shop Announcement

Hello, my name is Peter Nevins, and I carve and print woodcut block prints in Portland, Oregon.

A Block Print is like an LP Record.

A woodblock print is, to me, is like having the genuine vinyl record album in your hands, as opposed to digitally printed art made by more modern methods. The intention that carved the blocks by hand is pressed directly into the paper, just as sound leaves grooves in a record, and it can still be felt when you hold a woodblock print.
Every color in every edition I print represents another cycle of the printing process:

1. Hand-roll the ink onto the block with a large brayer
2. Line it up on the press
3. Line up the paper to the block
4. Roll it through the press

No two passes through the press are ever exactly the same, so these are real originals, each one. I have high standards for which prints make it into an edition, and I take care to weed out any prints that could even possibly seem unsatisfactory.

I use good 'ol U.S.P.S. for worldwide shipping and all prints are sold with satisfaction guaranteed.

Thanks for visiting!

p.s. I got nominated for an Album Packaging Design Grammy in 2011, for the hand-carved block prints that became the basis of the cover for Anaïs Mitchell's epic album "Hadestown".

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