Petsalad's Shop Announcement

Rob Johnson is a coin cutting fool from the Pacific Northwest. It has been almost twenty years since he picked up the craft of coin cutting from a homeless man passing through his town in the early 1990s. The first fifteen years of cutting produced little reward for the young craftsman, and he traded most of his work for beer. This kept Rob drunk as a skunk throughout his twenties, as he traveled about the continent, cutting coins, making friends, and living the high life of an industrious tramp.
Then, in 2008, a pretty girl at a street market in Portland, Oregon, compelled Rob into checking out as a potential venue from which to peddle his coins. He reluctantly complied, and much to his surprise, found NO cut coins on the entire site. Upon this discovery, he bombed Esty with cut coin sales, and immediately began to reap the benefits from his craft that had been eluding him for years.
Fast forward, five years; Rob is still going strong as Etsy’s premier coin cutter, though a large group of less experienced cutters must have gotten together and decided it must be lonely for him at the top, because now he is in competition with nearly twenty other cutters. So, remember to look for the shop name ‘LazyCatCutCoins’, when looking for quality cut coin jewelry. Anything else would be uncivilized.
When Rob is not cutting coins, he can be found playing clawhammer banjo to the seagulls along the East River, or reading Kurt Vonnegut aloud to an audience of thin air particles.