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♥----------Pixxxie Pie & Posie on Brief Vacation

--Date Thursday 4/17/14: Shop will be closed for brief vacation as of 10 PM CST=) I'm battling a touch of the flu that seems really determined to evolve into viral pneumonia, so my husband has ordered me to rest.

--SITE WILL BE TAKING ORDERS AGAIN on approximately 4/19/14...after I've had some uninterrupted time to recharge my mental batteries, kick this flu out of my life and order much needed supplies that were recently pillaged.

--IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING ORDERS PLACED BEFORE MY VACATION STARTED: Please note that all orders placed have been shipped (and tracking numbers sent out via email). This notice applies to both of my websites- &

--PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL, Paypal and/or Etsy account for tracking number info if you've recently placed an order. Most USA orders arrive to clients within 2-3 days of being dropped at the Post Office and my fellow Colorado residents commonly receive their orders within 24 business hours of receiving tracking number info! How's that for swift service thanks to USPS Priority Mail!

NOTE TO APARTMENT DWELLERS: If you get home, track your package and the USPS status page says "Delivered" but you don't see the large envelope in you mail box, odds are high that your package is being held at the apartment complex office. So check with your leasing office before you request a "trace"

--QUALITY CONTROL: If you've discovered any issues with an order placed or have questions about an order you plan to place later, please don't hesitate to contact me. Even while on "vacation", I'm still answering emails and handling customer care situations. Refunds and exchanges are handled on a case-by-case basis and there are no refunds on sample products. Emails are replied to within 24-48 business hours of being received.

--FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME DIRECTLY: There's no need to contact Etsy admin if you discover an issue with an order. You contact me first and then I fix the problem ASAP! Contacting Etsy Administration and opening a dispute isn't necessary. Filing a dispute is something you only go to after you've tried to contact a seller a few times via standard channels and said seller keeps ignoring you. I don't ignore my clients, so please feel free to contact me directly about any issues. Your business is important to me and so is my reputation. So you better believe you're satisfaction is my concern.

You can contact me at madameraquel [!at] or just send a note through the Etsy contact/convo system if you have any questions at all. You'll see a "Contact" button right under my name on the left side of the page.

FEEDBACK: The Etsy system allows you to leave feedback after a time period dependent upon the product's listed processing time paired with the common time frame associated with shipping. When you look at the area for leaving feedback (@ TOP RIGHT under YOUR ACCOUNT / PURCHASES & REVIEWS), you should see info denoting whether you will have to wait until a certain date to leave feedback or not.

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pixxxiepieandposie's Shop Announcement


Welcome to Pixxxie Pie & Posie's Natural Perfumery & Olde World Apothecary: Specializing in Natural Perfume & Cologne, Handmade Bath & Body Sundries & other Practically Magical Ephemera!

♥--------General Info: Beneath the skirts of Pixxxie Pie & Posie you will find a curious range of exotic haute couture and semi-precious sundries perfect for all manner of odd woman or mysterious man. A love of top quality materials & a relentless eye for detail, means that every bottle of artisan perfume/cologne, every bar of soap & all apothecary whimsies & ephemera are lovingly hand crafted by the Pixxxie Pie proprietress, one Madame Raquel Q. Van Der Zee, Ezsquire.

With an eye on sustainability & leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible, Pixxxie Pie & Posie is decked in old world charm with a healthy dash of Victorian-Steampunk lacing its edges. Tickling your fancy through a line of eco-friendly wares and natural wonderments created from original recipes, Pixxxie Pie & Posie is just perfect for those that find themselves tired of the usual parade of mass produced brick-a-brack. Most ingredients are organic, wild crafted, fair trade and all are GMO and cruelty-free. So get a little closer to nature and grab yourself a slice of Pixxxie Pie today=)

♥--------The Simple Run-Down By The Numbers (lol): Pixxxie Pie & Posie offers around 62 natural perfume/cologne oil aroma blends. Each aroma blend is meticulously crafted from original recipes, all are available in a wide variety of sizes as well as a lavish array of old world inspired bottles & such. Beyond those options, every aroma is also available in solid forms ranging from the classic solid perfumes/colognes, to artisan-crafted body butter, soaps, bubble bath & couture bath salts, just to name a few. In compliment to Pixxxie Pie’s general library of aroma blends, there is also a collection of Single Note Solid Perfumes & Colognes called “La Petite Miette”. Fashioned from a Coven of 33 single-note aromas, these concentrated aroma “tones” can be worn alone to create a singular statement or layered to fashion myriad combinations unique & personal to the wearer.

Available Sizes For Perfume/Cologne Oils: Sample Vial Size (Available in Twin Vial Sample Packs as well as in a wide variety of Multi-Aroma/Multi-Vial Sample Packs), and from sample sizes we move up to 1/8 Oz, 1/6 Oz, 1/4 Oz, 1/3 Oz and scoot it all the way to 1/2 Oz. Aromas are available in roll-on bottles at the 1/3 Oz size.

♥--------AROMA'S DIVIDED INTO FAMILIES-----------------------------♥
EXTRA EXTRA!! READ ALL ABOUT IT: Pixxxie Pie's Aroma Pantheon (excluding the new Single Note Solid Perfume Collection) has been organized into aroma families for easy shopping. Check the "Welcome" note in the Policies section.

♥--------CUSTOMER SERVICE----------------------------------------------♥
All customer service situations are handled via email, Monday-Friday, 11am-6pm CST (holidays & weekends excluded). The Madame attempts to answer inquiries within approximately 24/48 business hours of receipt.

♥--------REGARDING LARGE ORDERS----------------------------------♥
Regarding Large Orders: Large orders for special occasions are welcome.

♥--------SHIPPING TIME FRAMES-----------------------------------------♥
General Order Ship Out Time Frames: 3-7 Business Days (send a note if you need your order shipped faster.)

--USA Orders Ship Via: USPS Priority Mail; which most commonly delivers goodies with a 2-3 Business Day Arrival Time (Tracking # Included). For clients in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico,wait is closer to 3-5 Days.
--International Shipping: Pixxxie Pie & Posie is willing to ship to international clients. Email list of products you want + country info for a quote. See official Policy Page for all details.

♥-------ALWAYS PATCH TEST: Always remember to perform a patch test. Women who are pregnant or nursing are advised to avoid perfumes created with essential oils. Consult your doc for further convincing.

♥--------COPYRIGHT JAZZ AND RELATED-------------------------------------♥
--Products/Photos/Label Design © Pixxxie Pie & Posie (2003-2013). Pixxxie Pie & Posie is a one-woman show, so the Pixxxie Pie Proprietress takes all product photos, designs all labels and writes all site ad copy.

--Note to my customers who find themselves perturbed when they see another perfumer offering similar bottles/containers as Pixxxie Pie: I love you guys, but it doesn't mean someone is copying me when they have the same bottles, compacts or jars. When it comes to enforcement of copyright/intellectual property, "Copy" means something very specific relating to exact duplication to the extent that you can not differentiate between the two items in question on multiple levels. To invite a confrontation w/ another perfumer over such things as bottles is fantastically unprofessional & would show that I have no understanding of the very nature of the business I'm in. Such childish action could also make me look like someone simply trying to find an excuse to bully or intimidate my fellow perfumers. I'm not Estee Lauder or some big perfume corp, so I don't have bottles/compacts specially designed & fabricated for me at my magic factory in the fairy woods. We perfumers on Etsy in the USA only have so many vendors to go to for bottles & such. This means we all commonly buy our bottles, compacts, etc. from public-commercial-market web sites. Many found those same websites before me & will after me so it means very little to me if another person is selling their wares out of similar vessels. It's what's in the vessels that makes the difference & each perfumer on Etsy is offering their beloved products in the vessels they feel represent their brand the best. I'm also not the only person inspired by the "old world Victorian" look & feel, lol, & I sure as hell didn't invent it though I'd like to think I've re-invented it here at my end of the dark forest. I'm not here on Etsy to police the bottles/compacts used by fellow perfumers or accost them over any issues that could be chalked up as coincidental stylistic similarities. I'm here to offer you guys a great selection of natural wares made with love and care and hopefully inspire a few people along the way!

♥----------------SOCIAL WEB--------------------------------------♥
You can find a constant stream of (somewhat adult oriented) creative back-sass via:

--Pixxxie Facebook:
--Pixxxie Twitter: @pixxxiepie
--Pixxxie Blog:
--Pixxxie Pinterest:

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