plutokids' Shop Announcement

Here at Pluto, tee shirts are our world …our creative dreams are filled with them. For a blank and child-sized tee shirt is the PERFECT CANVAS! Of course, as canvases go, they’ll never hang in a museum, be put up for auction, or placed inside a frame. Yet tee shirts are art that takes itself not too seriously – art that is fun, and can be worn by kids the world over.

Thanks to the tee shirt, we can indulge our passion for DESIGN and for all that visually delights. From color and typography, to childrens books and vintage signs … from the world of graphics to the world of nature with a dab of pop culture in between. Our inspirations are everywhere and they fill our eclectic sourcebook -- it is to this (and our imaginations) that we turn when designing our tees.

In the end, we most love tee shirts because they allow us to play. To have fun with WORDS and IDEAS and IMAGES, and the joy of visual thinking.


Thanks for visiting PLUTO ... the littlest planet!