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The owner of scenicnewyork is on vacation.

We have closed Scenic New York, however you can still find natural crafting supplies like acorn caps and milk paint in our new shop- .

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scenicnewyork's Shop Announcement

Scenic New York is your one stop shop for natural supplies! We carry a variety of species of acorn caps, pine, spruce and hemlock cones (in season), milkweed pods, catalpa tree pods, driftwood, and freshwater shells. We also carry upcycled supplies for your crafts and jewelry making, like vintage glass vacuum tubes (great for steampunk).

Here at Scenic New York, we work hard to bring you earth friendly craft supplies you can be proud to buy and use! We do not sell any "creature edible" items, like whole acorns-we leave those parts for the critters that depend on them for food.

Our supplies are either natural or used (spent gun casings), so they are not perfect. All items are NOT cleaned, they are dried but are just as they are collected. We feel most people will clean them anyway, so we do not waste additional natural resources on this. There is typically no dirt or debris, but we want customers to be aware of this when buying them.

Please read our policies for more information on the ecofriendly collection methods we use, as well as our policies that help provide you with critter and earth friendly supplies.

We make the t-shirts and totes that we sell! If you would like a custom tee or tote bag or one for a craft you don't see, contact us and we'll work with you to get one made.