seashellgypsy's Shop Announcement

Welcome to SUMMER 20% SALE ON ALL ITEMS (sale price shown)

My shop is still open...even though I am in India!! I will be avaible to answer convos etc, and shipping will still be done from Vancouver B.C.

Seashellgypsy is committed to making Earth friendly clothes out of mainly recycled materials.
Here you will find a selection of handmade wearable art. To make your soul sing and your spirit soar! I want my clothing to make you feel even more confident and comfortable than you already are.
Be yourself and dare to be different!!!

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Does my pricing seem confusing? Here's why: I do all my sewing freestyle. I dont use any patterns and often dont measure. Sometimes when I set out to make a ***somehow*** turns into a top or something completely different altogether !!!!! I just let my creative energy loose and see what happens. Because of this, sometimes I spend a really long time making one piece, and sometimes not. I base my prices on how much work goes into each piece. And it always varies. So, if you notice what may seem to be strange price differences, it's because I spend hours and hours working on it. Are you still with me? Phew !!!!!!

much love
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