shadowofthesphinx's Shop Announcement

April 2014: Due to the wealth of custom work I have scheduled, the shop has been a bit sparse. Please know that there is a constant flow of statues and amulets in the works and, if you do not see the one here you were hoping for, especially if it is one of the more well known deities, you likely will see one appear within a week or two. These always include: Bast, Horus, Djehuty, Sekhmet, Set, Anubis, Hathor and Osiris

Thank you!

Handcrafting unique and custom ordered miniatures, icons, amulets, altarpieces and votives inspired by the art, artifacts and ritual of life in Ancient Egypt. . .

Welcome to the Shadow of the Sphinx.

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I have been deeply fascinated with the mystery and symbolism behind the art and hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt since I was a young boy. The touring treasures of the tomb of Tutankhamen, the mysteries of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids all stirred such great wonder within me.

I found myself, at the age of 9, making renditions out of cardboard and tin foil of the elaborate jewelry of the Pharaohs that I saw in photos and painting images of the gods Thoth and Horus on my feet.

I felt somehow as though they were protecting me.

I secretly (at first) painted hieroglyphs on the walls of my bedroom closet and would often pretend I was living in those ancient times.

Now some thirty years later I have allowed my love and reverence for these things to come to resurface and I am creating this line of polymer and gemstone icons for your own personal altars, Kemetic shrines and/or home decor.

My statues are styled after the traditional votive statues of Ancient Egypt. That is to say, NOT the gilded golden idols of kings and queens but the statues of everyday life. Prayer and offering statues. Home altars and handmade with humble simplicity.

I will continue to increase the line as new items come to completion and I'll share the stories and lore of these ancient symbols as well.

Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and ideas for things you may wish to see featured here.

There's a certain light, a magic, found between the pages of history, lingering in the shadow of the sphinx...


As my shop has grown over the last year I have found that a large percentage of my orders are custom requests from the ancient pantheon. I could not have imagined the wide range of requests that I have been able to create for people to have on their personal altars.

It was also a desire of mine from day one, to have work that was affordable for almost anyone to have. With the demand and increase in production, my prices have had to rise as well. But I want to say that if you have a need for an altar piece and do not think you can afford a custom piece, convo me because the range of pieces my own work is inspired from is vast and varies from highly detailed to very humble and simple forms.

The shop here, as you might expect, only showcases some of the best and most requested work. I can make very small inexpensive pieces to fit almost any budget. :)

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.