sinbadssister's Shop Announcement

100% recycled! My shop sells an eclectic mix of vintage and antique objects. My special interests are books, textiles, vintage fashion, jewellery, photographs, postcards, all paper ephemera, and Japanese paper and objects, but a whole lot more than that!

PLEASE NOTE: Australian postage rates rise several times a year, so I will be adjusting my prices accordingly. Please contact me for exact shipping rates from Australia, also for express delivery and tracking, which cost extra. Please read my POLICIES statement.

I am interested in rescuing things that have personal significance, for example unusual Australiana, particularly from the Barossa Valley where my family comes from. I collect things that have come from different immigrant groups to Australia as well, such as the Italians, Romanians, Germans, Greeks and Danes. I love the stories that come with the objects; in fact, that's what I love the most about Etsy ... the stories. I will make every effort to provide the buyer with information regarding the provenance and history of each item, but if I don't know it I might just make it up!

My background is in creative and academic writing, painting, photography and collage. I have opened a second etsy shop at, which sells hand made postcards, collages and paintings, as well as handmade, up-cycled and re-purposed items as well.

Please feel free to CONTACT ME if there is anything that you are looking for; I just might be able to find it!