solamentearte's Shop Announcement

Our name comes from Spanish which solamente is "only" & arte is "art" = only art, solamentearte, which is whats produced by us. Hidden within our name is our family's last name, but definitely not quality to each & every one of our products. Here we sell many things [but not limited to & with our touch of course] such as: shirts, beanies, hats, crochet, baby stuff, stickers, pins, phone accessories, etc!

Our foundation is uniting members of our family with each of our individual talents to create beautiful works of "Art from the Heart," and share with everyone around the world. Besides pledging to quality & craftsmanship, we've studied individually to perfect what we each contribute for superior & favorable craft outcomes.

Each product is made with the highest quality, durable raw materials, & precise/specialized techniques. There's no cheap yarn, ink, and other materials here. There's a thing we go by: if it is something we wouldn't like to purchase or up to par, we would NOT want to sell it to anyone else.