sophiesbeads' Shop Announcement

"Sophie: I left my "Atlas Shrugged" pin on my shirt, and it went through the washer and the dryer! Looks as good as new! Great job making it indestructible!"

Don't be fooled by the copycats. These are the only waterproof full color book charms available here on etsy even though my competition charges more for a lower quality product. My prices are low because I want to be able to give you an affordable way to wear what you love. My photography is admittedly terrible. The covers may appear to be slightly blurry in some of the photos but they are very clear in real life.

No paper, no color bleeding, no worry.

I have my own method for making book charms which is very much my own trial-and-error discovered trade secret. The material the covers are made out of is a flexible waterproof plastic. There is no paper whatsoever in my book charms. They are quite durable and yes, unlike any of my competitors, they are WATERPROOF!

If you want me to custom make something for you send me an email (conversation) letting me know what you would like in as much detail as you can and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for looking!!

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