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The owner of SurfingSilver is on vacation.

Surfingsilver is closed for a few days while attending the Boston Marathon. Please click the link to be notified by email when the shop is open again for business in just a few days. I would love to make your Father's Day, graduation, anniversary, birthday and wedding gifts when we return. Thank you for being patient

Only read this if you love reading and want to become more informed about why my lead time changes so much:

About my ever-changing lead time. If you ask me 'What is your lead time" and I give you and answer. I will say " my lead time today is ___(fill in the blank) That means that tomorrow my lead time, (or turn around time) might be, (and probably will be ) different. Here is why my lead time is constantly changing. Certain times of the year orders start coming in faster than they can be made and it causes the lead time to grow longer. Other times of the year we can catch up and have a shorter lead time. I am currently taking orders (that will need to be purchased next week when my shop opens again) I will only have a couple of spaces left for Mother's Day orders and will be taking orders for Father's Day, graduations, birthdays,
Weddings & anniversaries.

Sometimes potential customers mistakenly think that just because they have contacted me with a question, or even sent in their image for approval, that it means they have held a place in my lineup. Actually your position in my lineup begins after you complete your purchase from a custom listing I make for you. Sometimes customers purchase a generic listing, and that actually backs up my system and makes that person wait longer for their finished item than if they had sent their images for approval, and bought it from a custom
"Since I make these items in order of the purchase time and date, you can keep others from jumping in line ahead of you by completing your purchase soon after you receive this message."
Any yet, they will leave their custom listing up for weeks or even months before purchasing it.
So here is how it works:
If you want to write a message to be made into silver, contact me for directions.
If you want something made from the writing of your lost loved one
The first part of the process is to let me view
the images
you want to use so that I can see if it will work with my process.
Not all styles of writing will work.
If you are able to make choices, writing that is a bit thicker works better.
It is better to send me the image before you make a purchase
so that I can make sure it is usable.
You can scan it or take a sharply focused close-up photo and send it to me here in
JPEG format
pdf files do not work as well.
If you are on a computer, you can use the
"Attach image" feature found below at the bottom right of the dialog box.
If you are on a smart phone you might be able to send a photo using the camera icon.

After I get your image and approve it, I will make a custom listing for you. I will alert you through Etsy convo when the listing is ready to be purchased. If the listing is purchased soon after it is listed, like within 24 to 36 hours, then I will be able to make it for the date promised.
The thing that often happens is that people ask me
"how long does it take to make it" and I give them an answer "items that are purchased
today will be shipped in ----(fill in the blank) weeks. Let's pretend they asked me this in June and I say " 2 weeks if you purchase today. " Then they don't buy it, and leave the listing up for months, Then they come back 3
weeks before Christmas and they didn't realize that gradually more and more orders came in until in the first week of October the 2 weeks became 4 weeks, and by Halloween the 4 weeks are 8 weeks. I don't know how to get
the point across that these are all hand made and we can only make a few per day. If we can make only 5 per day, but are selling 10 a day then at some point we have to shut down and start over. Another variable happens when someone has a longer shopping list and they
want to get 5 or 10 items. Suddenly my lead time has grown longer by an entire day or 2. When this happens over and over my lead time will suddenly become longer and longer.

There is no such thing as making them faster, or making more at a time. I want to give each item the individual attention it needs. My lead time has been as high as 10 weeks and as low
as 2 weeks. I hope this explanation sheds
some insight into how our system works. Thank you for taking the time to read this . If you absolutely love reading, then you can read more about SurfingSilver here:

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SurfingSilver's Shop Announcement

I only have a few spaces remaining for Mother's Day orders. I think today might be the last day to order for delivery in time for Mother's Day. I will be out of town the last part of April at Boston Marathon. Now is the time to order for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduations, Spring and early summer Anniversaries and Weddings. If you have a deadline, ask me if I can accommodate you before you purchase. Let me know what you want to get, because it makes a difference if you need it quickly. SurfingSilver is the inventor of "in your own writing jewelry" and "memorial silver items made from your lost loved ones writing" Remember you saw it here first!
If you are looking for ready to ship items, look here:
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Please be sure to ask me about my current lead time if you need your made to order item for a special date.