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Welcome to my shop full of textured accessories & clothes handmade with love from Uruguay for you!
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Search and find amazing unique and unrepeatable pieces.
As a creative person I am all the time developing and creating new accessories and clothing. I felt, dyed yarn, print fabric, then cut, sew, knit and the result of my creative days is captured in this section. Also you can find clothes here that are part of collection development and they deserve to find their owner and make them happy. I hope you find something special that is for you!
REMEMBER: This alone in the world.

◆All the products are make from new and selected materials!

◆Working the wool from the sheep to the final product!
The felt pieces are made by hand using only wool (from local sheeps), natural soap, and cold water; since hot water destroys those useful properties of lanolin in wool. Most yarns used are hand spun with distaff getting yarns with personality.
100% merino wool knitted fabric (italian and uruguayan yarn knitted in Uruguay) is used too, felted on the edges with differents hand techniques like shibori, fringes, tassels and cut out for accessories and totally felted for clothes.
The handwoven shawls and throw blankets are made with a wood handloom using merino wool yarns with differents dyeds.

◆Effects on dyed is a hallmark of the brand!
Always applying hand techniques to get unique results, each piece is hand dyed with low impact dyes using well water.

◆All the prints are designed by texturable!
The design of the print is an original texturable design made it by hand and then digitized to create the final pattern!

All the process and materials used are contemplating a low impact to the earth. Every item is the most eco-friendly that could be

I make my own colors and can make the products in any color you may like.

◆All pieces are cut and sewn by hand one at a time ensuring the quality of each garment made. All handcraft techniques such as embroidery, dyed, cut, etc. are made ​​piece by piece to achieve the desired personality.

◆The differences between each garment are held as an added value to demonstrate its realization by hand and are the heart of the brand.

◆I love to make custom orders, items specially created, so please feel free to contact me!

Everything is unique and specially for you!



◆Among fabrics, wool is made of the most absorbent fibers, allowing the moisture from the body to be released into the air. This characteristic makes wool fabrics versatile and suitable for warm and cold weather.

◆Wool´s natural insulating and waterproof properties make it a fabric able to keep the body warm even in the rain.

◆Wool fabrics are very easy to clean because dirt doesn´t penetrate the fiber, it just sits on the surface.

◆Due to its absorbent fibers wool fabric doesn't have much static and therefore it doesn’t attract lint, dirt, and dust.

◆Wool fabrics are wrinkle-resistant because its natural crimp makes it the most resilient fiber. Wool will always keep its original shape.

◆In the process of dying wool, the dye reaches the core of the fiber and adheres to it permanently. Almost any color and kind of dye can be used in these fabrics.

◆Wool fabrics are naturally fireproof.

◆There is nothing as good as what mother nature produces! Until now, science has been unsuccessfully trying to produce synthetic fibers with all the qualities inherent to natural wool.



◆Wool garments require fewer amount of cleanings per year than those made with other kind of fiber.
◆If the label of your item states "Dry-clean only" take it a professional dry cleaner to obtain the best result
◆For cleaning wool always use mild or neutral detergent in slightly warm water. Never ever use hot water!
◆ Do not use any bleaching products! Even a small amount will make its wool fibers stiff and yellowish.
◆DO NOT wring out the garment
◆To dry, put the garment on a flat surface and when laying you can reshape it if necessary. Keep it away from direct sunlight and heat. DON´T hang to dry.
◆Don´t use dryer machines for wool fabrics! The combination of heat, friction and pressure will cause it to shrink
◆Use the iron in “wool fabrics” setting. Iron the garment on the inside side to avoid the surface to become shining
◆Remove stains immediately to prevent them from being absorbed by the wool fiber. Use a clean white cloth to remove as much of the stain as possible. Avoid rubbing.

◆ Pills on the surface of the fabric can be picked off easily by hand or by carefully shaving the fabric. Once the fabric have released all the shorter fibers, the longer and intertwined ones will remain and therefore the pilling will cease.

◆Let the wool item rest for 24 hours before wearing it again. This gives the natural crimp and resilience of the fiber time to recover and go back to its original shape.

◆By hanging the wool garments in a steamy bathroom, they can be rejuvenated after they were stored or worn. The steam will moisture the fibers and remove wrinkles.

◆Food stains and body oils attract moths, therefore you should ensure your wool garment has been properly cleaned before packing it away in airtight bags or containers.