thecoppercamel's Shop Announcement

Greetings and Salutations, gentle patrons. I am Clovis the Comely, designer and purveyor of most unusual and becoming coins and coin jewelry. Come, come--browse, touch, enjoy!

The shape of the pressed souvenir penny is instantly recognizable the world over as a commercial token, a whimsical and lasting reminder of the time you threw up at Epcot. But take that familiar, smile-inducing oval, and stamp it with an older, more beautiful symbol of our travels together, and suddenly the shape is elegant, the metal newly recognizable as precious.

The cultural icons I have chosen for our first three issues are the Hamsa, the Tree of Life, and Lady Uzume. The designs were hand sketched before a master engraver transferred them to steel dies, then each was pressed indelibly into a good copper host coin.

All color and adornments are applied by hand--which, when you have only two toes, niether of which is opposable, is really saying something--and each piece has its own distinct, wonderful character. Like you.

Feel welcomed to ask if you have something in mind, and for more information on the three Copper Camel designs and the history of elongated coins, please visit

Since it can't be all pennies, all the time, The Copper Camel is pleased to introduce a line of etched copper jewelry! Please check back regularly for new designs and offerings as we continue to Spit on the Ordinary!

Many thanks, CtC.

*International customers: Please convo me before purchase, so I can calculate shipping costs to your location. Thank you!