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I'm back!!! Maternity leave was amazing and our precious Owen arrived 7/16/13 weighing in at 8 lbs. 7 oz. 21" long. He has been a wonderful baby and we know we are truly blessed. That being said, I am still getting used to being a full time mommy so I'll be taking just a certain number of orders and then going on vacation mode so that I can catch up and not get too overwhelmed. Once I get caught up, I'll open back up and take more orders. This may happen a lot so just be sure to get your order in if you see that I'm open so that you don't miss me :)

If you need something before my standard delivery time, I charge $10 per item for rush. With rush, I work around when you need the item. Please message me FIRST if you need to do rush to make sure this is even possible!!

PLEASE keep all conversations and communications within Etsy so that they will all be grouped together for better and quicker communication. Emails will not be handled as quickly as Etsy messages!!

*In memory of my precious baby boy, Hudson Michael, born 7/25/12

For those unaware of Hudson's story:
On the morning of July 24th, I went into the doctor's office to have a stress test done on me and Hudson. He had not moved the whole day before so I knew something was wrong. We learned then that he no longer had a heartbeat. Hudson was born sleeping on July 25th at 9:38 p.m. at 27 weeks gestation and exactly 3 months before his EDD. He was 1 lb. 13 oz. and 15" long. He was simply beautiful! There was no infection, no problems with his cord or placenta, no disorders, no cause of was just his time to go. I miss him every second of every day but I find peace in knowing he was not mine first, he was His. I am so thankful God allowed me to be Hudson's mommy for those 27 precious weeks, what a gift!

Ashley @ The Uptown Baby

***Please understand that every order is custom, just for you. This also means that on occasion, fabric or materials may be back ordered, delayed getting to me, or out of stock. If this happens your order may take a little longer to get out, but will still be treated with the same care and attention as any other order, and I will do my very best to let you know ASAP, if something is going to be holding your order up and give you options to switch to something else if you would like. Thanks for your understanding and patience*****

Wondering when your item shipped? You can check PayPal (tracking is done through them) or just check the "purchases" tab under your etsy account. It will show "shipped" next to the item if I have shipped it.

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