tinplatestudios' Shop Announcement

Welcome friends to my humble emporium. My work consists of Steampunk ray guns, respirators, odd gadgets, and masks as well as disturbing cryptozoological anomalies under glass. I'm also a Natural (and Unnatural) Science Illustrator and a Comic Book Artist working in pen and ink and watercolors. Mind your fingers.

I am bodgering away like a one armed steam powered clock maker to bring a few more lovelies into my Etsy shop. Check back daily for a new series of cunning Derringer sized guns, respirators, steamy masks, and more things in jars at the next stage of mutation.

You can find me at all manner of steamy, geek-friendly, artsy/craftsy conventions, fairs, festivals, shows, and other events such a Emerald City Comicon, Faerieworlds, Abney Park concerts, Seattle's Mourning Market, PDX Gearcon, and Steamcon.