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TLC Naturals hair products provide real, visible results to real hair and scalp problems.

I am committed to providing truly 'edible' hair products that 'feed' your hair with wholesome natural goodies and that contribute to your overall well being. I endeavour to keep the ingredients as close as possible to their raw state, thereby maximising the benefits on your hair.

No chemical fillers, no additives, no non-essentials; just concentrated simple blends of nutrient-rich & antioxidant-rich plant, fruit, herb & fruit ingredients in TLC Naturals products, which are made made in small batches, using traditional methods and minimal processing.

This is why many of my customers report seeing an INSTANT difference to their hair from the first use & improvement in the overall health & beauty of their hair with continued use.

And because I love the earth as much as you do, I am completely committed to providing products which are as ethically sourced, eco friendly and sustainable as possible.

* parabens
* silicones
* formadelhyde
* sulfates
* nasty chemicals & unecessary additives

I aim to prepare and dispatch your order in 2 business days. From the time of dispatch, these are the estimated times of arrival of your package:
5 business days for UK customers
7-10 business days for EU customers
12-14 business days for International customers

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Atricia from the US - I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your products! Thanks to you I am no longer a product junkie, I no longer browse endless websites looking for my miracle product, spending loads of money in the process.

Lisa from the UK - Hey received my products today! Thanks! The first thing to hit me was the fab smell- even through the unopened box!

Juliana from the US - I did receive my package and I LOVE IT!!! THE SMELL PAIGE OMG THE SMELL IS BREATH TAKING!!! and the products ....... HYDRATION GALORE!!

Kui from London, UK - I received my order very quickly! I could definitely smell the products as I carried my package home from the post office
I wish you every success with your business and will be telling friends about the helpful service I received and your amazing products

Boses from the US - your products are UNBELIEVABLE! MY HAIR IS STILL 100% MOISTURIZED AND HYDRATED. Paige my hair is WOW!!! SOOOO VERY SOFT, FULL, MOISTURIZED AND HYDRATED. As a true user of 100% Vegan and Natural and the International Representative for a 40 year old Vegan company. I can say with true honesty and integrity that the QUALITY and LOVE you put into your products AND 100% VISIBLE WITHIN MINUTES OF USE. AND THE NEXT DAY TELLS THE TRUTH, I LOVE IT !! TLC ROCKS AND ROCKS HARD!!!! EXCELLENCE!

J from the US - TLC Naturals products are like no other product I have ever used you can see and feel the difference after 1 use and the next day your hair is still 100% full hydrated and moisturized from root to tip. OMG!! The entire hair product line is simply amazing!!!

Chelsie Williams, US - I was going to wait for a full week to write a review, but TLC Naturals is by far the BEST natural hair care line I have tried. I am a recovering product junkie and TLC Naturals was my latest attempt at trying a product made for naturals. Paige has really created a line that puts SheaMoisture, KinkyKurly,and others to shame. I love Carol's Daughter, but even she has nothing on TLC Naturals.