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I have been Making One of a Kind Unique Lamps crafted from recycled Vintage & Modern Lingerie for 10 years. My website launched in 2003 and I researched this concept thoroughly before I even Began to Think about creating this Artwork. When I found that Nothing like this had ever been made before, I proceeded to develop my very first Lamps.
If you see anyone else making anything that resemble Tramp Lamps in any way, please let them know about
FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.A. on everything in my Shop!

Thank you for this, my 10th year of Making Art- And your 10 years of Support in this endeavor of illuminated Lingerie.
I love making TRAMP LAMPS and I love making art.
This is my full time job; I make it, I pack it, and I stand in line to ship it. I want you to be happy with it.

Remember, when you purchase from my shop, you are directly supporting me and my son. We thank you so very much!



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