twistedpoppy's Shop Announcement

March 26th 2014: Easter is coming, get your custom orders in by the end of today! LAST day for Easter custom orders today!!!first come first serve!

Both Easters are on April 18th this year and are coming up soon.

I send every package outside of Canada via Airmail which means they take the same amount of time to arrive as a letter which to the US is usually about 7 days. Eggs mailed within Canada take less time as they are sent via express post.

95% of my eggs come from small local free range hobby farms that I have personally visited and seen that the birds are happy and healthy. Most of my eggs come from a therapy farm that works with disabled children and has an amazing and eclectic mix of wildlife including Llama's, goats, and even a wild Canadian goose that has mated with a domestic goose on the farm and lives part time on the farm and part time in the wild while their ducklings (this was last year so adults now I suppose) stayed on the farm cared for by daddy, so adorable. None of my eggs come from caged birds and none were fertilized.

Specializing in contemporary, unique and traditionally inspired Pysanky eggs from happy healthy local birds.

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