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I am a life-long creator. I love taking ideas and people and resources together to make things happen. I do this in my work as the head of an environmental non-profit organization. I do this in the rest of my life as an artist and imaginer. I really love it when I can find ways to use art as an entry to helping people learn about the environment.
In fact, my sunpainting projects started out as a part of teaching students about the problems associated with invasive plant species. Kudzu is probably the best known example because it is easy to see why it is a problem. There are many other plants that look pretty and seem innocuous but are causing real problems for native plants and animals. I started taking the sunpaint along on invasive removal work days so that the students could make a t-shirt with the leaves from these plants. They would have an easy way to identify them in the future.

That little effort has lead to a much bigger effort now using sunpainting to teach children about invasive species. Kids make fabric. We give the fabric to quilters who make quilts. The quilts are sold or raffled to raise money to buy tools to remove invasive species. It is all pretty cool.

In my spare time, I sunpaint. I try to use upcycled clothing and fabrics. I love to take something that is shabby or just old and turn it into something that is fresh and better. I occasionally list some of these upcycled clothing here in my etsy shop. Because I work with vintage and used garments, each one is unique. Sizes and styles depend upon what I can find and what I feel like painting on it.

As part of my effort to upcycle, I am always looking for clothing and fabric. That has lead me to using these materials in other projects. I really enjoy making bags and other things out of pants. There is something about making a purse out of a pair of pants that just plain cracks me up.

Speaking of pants and cracking up…. A couple years ago I wanted to make a sample patch for my husband. Upcycler that I am, I grabbed a pair of his jeans and cut them up for the material I needed. I can’t exactly say that was the most popular thing I’ve ever done! But it turns out that the denim from old jeans is the perfect substrate for badges. I started looking around for designs and ideas to turn into merit badges. I will stitch out just about anything that entertains me. Thus the merit badges for Wine and Pina Colada’s.

I am also game to try and come up with a badge that suits your needs. I had a blast making patches for a roller derby team. (Thanks Harv!) I am learning to digitize my own designs and love the challenge of trying to come up with something that meets the needs of my customers. Check out some of my sold orders for custom and reserved sales to see what I have done for others. Let me know what you want and I will be happy to work with you to produce a design that you love.

You can follow along with my creative whims and see my quilting efforts on my blog.

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