wearever's Shop Announcement

Every piece of jewelry in my shop is handmade by me (Jen). I use both sterling and Argentium silver and love to embellish my work with lampwork glass beads, gemstones, pearls and crystals. (Although sometimes I forgo the embellishment and let the simplicity of the handforged silver creation take center stage...)

{ Every item listed in my shop is ready to ship }

I love versatility in jewelry - whether it is a convertible/changeable piece of jewelry or a piece that easily coordinates with many different outfits; I try to keep this in mind when designing and creating jewelry.

The following list describes some of my main types of jewelry.

{ Whichever Way Necklace }
Designed with the versatility to wear the pendant in either a horizontal or a vertical can change this depending on your outfit, or even just your mood. These can be found in the "Pendant Necklaces" section.

{ Triad Necklace }
These necklaces feature three linked beads centered in the front, with a handforged back clasp. These can be found in the "Beaded Necklaces" section.

{ Droplet Necklace }
These necklaces feature a wire-wrapped bead (or two) as a central pendant, with a handforged back clasp. These are designed to be simple, yet to showcase unique beads. These can be found in the "Pendant Necklaces" section.

{ Duo Wear Necklace/Bracelet }
Convertible from a necklace to a bracelet...again easy to change whenever desired. These can be found in the "Convertible Jewelry" section.

{ Amour Necklace }
These heart shaped necklaces are more whimsical, and while they are not convertible, they are sure to bring a smile to your face! :) These can be found in the "Wire Heart and Religious" section.

{ Bracelets }
These bracelets incorporate handforged and beaded links. For other convertible (necklace to bracelet) bracelets, please check out the Convertible Necklace/Bracelet section.

{ Earrings }
I have many styles of earrings; some are made of only sterling or Argentium silver, while others have been embellished with beads.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.