woodbeart's Shop Announcement

All items in this shop are handmade of wood using mostly primitive hand tools. I consult the wood before using it.. Some of the wood I call sentimental because it came from the family farm in Cedar Hill Texas. I grew up next door to the house my grandfather grew up in.His father was a captain in the Confederacy. When I was growing up there was a huge pecan tree in the hollow behind our house. It had peices of wood nailed to it as ladder rungs from up in the tree you could monitor the house without being seen. After I grew up and moved away the tree died. My nephew still living in the area cut it up and took it to a sawmill. The sawyer said the tree must have been used to hold up targets when it was young (around the time of the civil war). because the heart of the tree was full of lead and the smelting from it ran through the whole tree. the fine black lines seem to defy the grain and make there own patterns. I had this wood for years before I had the heart to cut any of it.. I made my daughter a wedding box, have made several other things as gifts for friends and family This is the first time I've offered any of it to the public. All items are 100% wood, I seldom use stains as I believe you should use the natural color of the wood. I make any hardware needed from wood, hinges handles ect. , all joints are hand cut using ancient joinery tech-nicks. No two items here will be the same. No items here will be perfect. I think if I ever make something perfect I'll want to keep it. Thank You for looking.