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EFA Etsy for Animals is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Team EFA Etsy for Animals is a moderated team which has a number of membership requirements… both for the shop and for the shop owner !


Team EFA is looking for serious Etsy sellers who would like to meet our team requirements and are interested in participating in our team efforts and activities on a weekly basis. We are also interested in finding members who are willing to support our team's charity of the month, both through donations from sales as well as recommending charities. We know that each of us has a favorite or preferred animal charity, but as a team we encourage support of our charity of the month as well.

Beyond meeting the basic team requirements, essentially what Team EFA is looking for in its membership is some form of weekly activity… this can be expressed within the context of our Chatting or Promoting through our Etsy Teams group; or with the curation of a Team Treasury; or through Team volunteer/service work; or through the reporting of an animal charity donation via our private team database.

The concept behind this is simple- that as individuals within a team we are all working together on a weekly basis towards our common goal: to assist animals through charitable relief.


* must have a min of 10 active listings at all times.

* must have a min of 10 listings that benefit your choice of animal charity and tagged with Team EFA's tag.

* must have a min of 1 listing that will specifically benefit EFA's COTM and tagged with our COTM tag.

If only one COTM listing is listed at all times, then here's the pledge guideline: 50-100% donation for an item under $10; or for an item over $10, consider pledging a 25-50% donation… Alternatively your shop can choose to become a monthly COTM sponsor. For further info on our Charity of the Month program- check out our COTM website page:

* must disclose clearly in Shop Announcement and/or in each of those efa tagged listings:
… that you are a member of Team EFA, Etsy for Animals.
… which animal charity will benefit from the sale of your listing.
… what percentage or dollar amount will be sent to charity upon sale.

EFA can provide shop owner with a suggested text which will not only give them a professional appearance but also encourage its potential customers to have confidence in the shop's ability to follow through on its pledge. Neither Etsy nor Team EFA take this pledge lightly- it is a promise that needs to be fulfilled by each shop… and upon request (by either Etsy or the shop's client) needs to be proven with an official donation receipt.

* can only be on vacation for 3 months maximum and have a return date clearly posted in their Shop Announcement.


* needs to be & stay subscribed to EFA's Yahoo Groups email list.

* needs to be & stay signed up to EFA's Team Group page on Etsy.

* needs to post a min of once a week in that EtsyTeams Group… Choose to:
… Promote one of your animal charity listings in our Shops thread.
… Support your team mates by participating in our private Chat thread.
… Create an all EFA member Treasury or write an article for our blog.
… Report to Team EFA an animal charity donation you've made (details kept private).

* needs to answer any convos sent out about EFA membership within 3 days.

* EFA reserves the right to decline or unsub members without personal convo or notification. Etsy sends out its own generic notification which EFA has no opportunity to edit. Bottom line- it is up to each member to ensure that they meet EFA's team requirements at all times. Volunteers do their best to assist members whenever possible.

* If shop owner leaves or is removed from the EFA Team… shop agrees to:
… remove all efa team tags, graphics and team affiliation within 7 days.


* All listings that benefit animal charity can be tagged with our team tag. These listings become available through Etsy's Search system for team related promotions. For example, only EFA tagged listings are promoted in our Team Treasuries or through our social media.

* We have three Treasury Team Leaders- each curates an all EFA Treasury 1x week:
… one designed for our Pinterest Board.
… one general non specific team treasury.
… one to benefit our Charity of the Month recipient.

* Through your active participation…
… You can upload EFA member graphics into your shop listings.
… EFA will promote animal charity listings from SHOPS thread thru our social media.
… Your all-EFA curated Treasuries are also promoted through our social media.
… You can receive support from your team mates in our private CHAT thread.

* EFA also features its membership outside of Etsy:
… Shops are listed in several places on the EFA website.
… Become an EFA Sponsor and have your Etsy Mini on our website.
… Tagged listings have an opportunity to be promoted on FB - Twitter - Pinterest.
… EFA Blog articles provide opportunities for shop, listing or owner exposure.
… Become a volunteer and have your Etsy Mini displayed on our blog.
… Cotm tagged listings are often promoted by our COTM on their own venues.


THANK YOU for your interest in our team and/or for being a member !

Application are processed through our Teams Group on Etsy. We process membership applications a couple times each month- once you receive our preliminary acceptance & instructions, via convo, newcomers will have up to 5 days to complete all membership requirements.

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