Plastic Canvas Team Group Discussion - May 2012

Who can join?

Plastic Canvas Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Your shop should contain plastic canvas related items (preferred) or you have a great love for plastic canvas.

You are willing to actively promote this team.

Feature plastic canvas in your shop or in treasuries you make.

Please check in at least once a month on the team discussions.

Tag your items with PCTeam (suggested but not required)

Help by promoting other members products either by posting them on your social pages, doing treasuries, or posting them in the promotions forums. Your plastic canvas treasuries can include non- team members.

DO NOT start new threads. I have certain topics under certain threads. If there is a topic missing, please bring it to my attention before adding it. I want to try to keep the discussion board clean Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

That's it! Just one day every other week is all it takes to be a member of this team! Of course I hope you will participate more than that!


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Original Post

Join in with the team by posting news about your shop and life. Feel free to post about anything in this thread - new projects, events in your life (both good and bad), or anything you want to talk about.

This thread is also where you would check in every other week (more often if you like).

Posted at 7:27 am May 1, 2012 EDT


Doing a little bit of re-grouping. I'll start a new discussion thread each month and close the old one. I believe this will be clearer to our members where to post their weekly "Hi".

Posted at 7:33 am May 1, 2012 EDT

Morning All

I'm in Jersey now and today is my travel day back home, I'm in a scavenger hunt for May so I have to get the prizes items ready when I get back. It's exciting - it's my first one so I hope it will go well

All have a nice day!

Posted at 7:47 am May 1, 2012 EDT

Hi Checking in:) I am teaching myself to crochet and I am loving it:)

Posted at 1:33 pm May 1, 2012 EDT

Hello everyone. So goal for this year was to reach 50 sales.
I am 2 sales away from reaching that goal. I guess spending the time promoting my shop and others is finally paying off.

Posted at 4:03 pm May 1, 2012 EDT

Just checking in, I am so excited I have actually sold 4 items in two different sales. Sold 2 notebook cases (covers) last week and sold both of my plastic canvas animals with clothes yesterday. Hope this keeps going. Will be listing new items in the next couple of days if I settle down and finish them. lol

Posted at 4:43 pm May 1, 2012 EDT

It sounds like everyone is doing great! That's exciting! I've also had several sales this past week, and am very happy about that.

Posted at 6:16 pm May 1, 2012 EDT

HI everybody....Happy Friday!!!!


I'm at work, so gotta run. Have a wonderful afternoon!!

see ya

Posted at 12:37 pm May 4, 2012 EDT

This post has been removed.

Posted at 5:46 pm May 4, 2012 EDT

Friday Night Special!! Here we go again!! Stop by find some great deals and maybe even join in!

Posted at 6:51 pm May 4, 2012 EDT

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