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SELF TAUGHT ARTISTS TEAM is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Before applying to join our Team please take a moment to seriously look over our Charter. If you are not ready to commit to a Team that actively supports each other, we ask that you do not apply to join our Team. We are serious about promoting each other here on SelfTaughtArtistTeam...

* We will only accept applications by Handcrafted Artists. Please dont apply if your items are not made by you. Any shop found to have items mass produced or purchased for resale will be immediately removed from the Team.

Suppliers will be accepted at the discretion of the Team Leaders.

* We take our requirements seriously and will remove all Inactive Members from our Team. Anyone not keeping their requirement for the month will be removed unless you have given an adequete reason for not doing so to the Captain or one of our Leaders.


1 ~ The Team Captain and Leaders will create all threads, PLEASE do not start new threads.
* This will help keep the discussion board neat and easy to navigate for all of our members.

2 ~ You must keep a minimum of 10 items in your shop at all times to remain on Self Taught Artist Team. All member who fall below that number will be given one month to increase their number before they are removed from the Team.

3 ~ You MUST agree to ACTIVELY participate in Team activities EACH month.
* Each member is required to do at least 1 thing on the Team Page threads each week to promote but we encourage our members to join in as often as possible. The Chat Thread, the ABC game, and the New Listings thread are the only threads that do not count toward the requirement. They do not promote others on the Team so it would not be fair to count them.
* Networking is the key to being successful in your business.
* It takes a whole Team of members to be effective and it is not fair for a few to carry the load for the whole Team.
* All activity WILL be monitored by our Leaders and anyone found to be INACTIVE for a period of ONE month will be removed from the Team.
* If you are planning to be gone for longer than 2 weeks on vacation or other reasons, please let us know.. All shops left inactive for 2 months will be removed unless we have been told of a reason for the inactivity. We know things come up but we need to know so that your shop is not removed due to being inactive.

4 ~ If you feel you will be happy here with our requirements as they are, please fill out an application to join our Team.

* Your application will be reviewed by our Captain and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

* If you are applying for an additional shop you have on Etsy and are already a member of our Team, please let us know when you apply. You will only be required to fulfill your requirements one time, not for each Shop you have as a member. This is only fair as some members have multiple shops. As long as we see you once a week by one of your Teams that will be counted as active status.

Use statteam as your Tag on each Treasury you make so that it will show up in the Treasury count as a Team Treasury.


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Original Post

Danielle with WoodnKnees mentioned the desire to start a blog. I have been playing with this idea for over a year. Many of you already have a blog, What are you writing about these days? Please share your blog address. It will be fun for all of us to visit each other's blogs.

Posted at 11:28 am Jan 13, 2012 EST


Shiloh Lenz from EarendilCollectibles says
Edited on Jan 14, 2012

I just made a blog that features Etsy items. I give the link to the artist's shop and the listing of the item featured.

It's really fun! There are so many amazing items on Etsy!

Posted at 4:03 pm Jan 14, 2012 EST

I blog about my hilarious children. I really should do it more regularly--they come up with more than I can write down!

Posted at 5:09 pm Jan 14, 2012 EST

Earendil: I visited. Great idea to check the reader's reaction. I clicked on your Visit my Shop but I was not able to see your shop.

Posted at 6:18 pm Jan 16, 2012 EST

Andrea: great blog. Love the pictures of your art

Posted at 6:19 pm Jan 16, 2012 EST

Caturday! or, New photos of my cat :)

Posted at 3:32 am Jan 28, 2012 EST

TREE from 1treeyoga says

1treeyoga is featured on this blog. Please check it out.

Posted at 7:16 pm Jan 28, 2012 EST

Part of me wants to close my blog. I am just not a writer and I can NEVER think of anything to write that is more than just a sentence :-) But I have heard that it is so helpful for business. Any ideas/advice?

Posted at 9:08 pm Jan 28, 2012 EST

Stacey: I liked your article about the first show. I think you can write, girl! You made good points about networking. Maybe it is my eyes but I found it hard to read against the busy background. But, I must admit the background picture is beautiful and brings sunshine and peace and a feeling of enjoying a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

Posted at 11:12 pm Jan 29, 2012 EST

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