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Using your self as a model?

I am trying to make all my photos look more professional. That being said I am not that good of a photographer. I know that I need to model my items on people so that buyers will know what they look like when the item is worn. I dont have extra money or time to get a real model to use. I was wondering if you model your own items is that a good idea? I don't think I am a bad looking person, nor am I really good looking. Does it matter to much, looks? Any advice or feedback about this idea is welcome.

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I have used myself in the past. Don't worry--it's not so much about looks-- you want to focus on the item. You could always model the item and then crop the pic to just focus more on what you're trying to sell.

I used to use a model, she moved so I don't have anyone now. I tried modeling the clothes, but I'm to big for most of the sizes I sell and I like to have a certain "coolness" to my photos and store. I liked having a tall skinny model so I bought a mannequin. It's not as good as other stores with models but It works ok.
Actually after looking at your things, I don't see why you couldn't model them. It would add a lot to your items.
Thank you guys for the feedback. I think I am going to model my items. It cant hurt and maybe it will lead to more sales.
Seeing as you don't have clothes, I don't see why you couldn't model your own stuff? Otherwise, maybe see if some friends would be willing?

That's what I'm in the process of doing. I will be selling clothes and I know a family of five girls and they are all different sizes (except the oldest two are almost the same) so I'm going to use them to model. The only hard part about that is having to find time when THEY are free as well, where as if I were to model myself I could do it whenever I was free. Though I try to vary the sizing of my clothes so it'd be hard for me to model all of it...

General consensus around here in other threads about models seems to be that as long as a model looks clean and well-groomed, they don't need to be "conventionally good-looking". Some even say they prefer seeing models that look like real people over a "typical model."

You'll run into some buyers also who like no models at all and would rather see items on a mannequin or flat on a table, but I think clothing should be shown on a person. Like you, in starting off I didn't have the available money or time to hire pros for everything, so I model my own pieces and just crop out the upper portion of my face.

If anything, doing the photography and the modeling myself turned out to be a huge learning experience that could prove to be very valuable when you DO work with pros and need to know the process to be able to give them direction about what you want.

I say as long as your photos look good with your items being well-presented, I see no problem with using yourself as a model.
I've done it! I just prefer to use neck down (for necklaces) because I'd rather not show my face in dozens of photos. I used my friend's sister as a model for one of my bridal collections, and I also recently purchased a dress form that I'll be using as my "model" from now on. (It's difficult to take pretty pics of yourself, when you're the one doing the modeling and photographing!) So, I've used three variations of models. Why not try it, and see if it helps you with views/sales? :)
You could do one picture in the series showing how the item is used, or worn, or how it fits, or sits on the shoulder, Kelly.

I have photographed many people, in my time...and really, 'most' dislike being photographed.

Try one and see how it goes...of one of your purses, or one of your hats...
you're going to want to get in close on it anyway, so it will be cropped tight...
take some of yourself, and pick out the best ones for your product.

I'd go for it...why not??

I model my own pieces but would take advantage of having a model any time! Too hard to take decent photos of myself with crappy camera and small tripod

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