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Please FIX 0 Shops Found when shop is on vacation

If you search for a shop under "Shops" and that shop is on vacation the search result doesn't pull up the shop and their vacation announcement, it simply says "0 Shops Found" which implies that the shop is no longer on Etsy at all.

Summer is coming. Vacations are coming. Please don't mislead buyers into thinking shops are no longer on Etsy when the owner is simply on break. I just looked up one of my favorites shops and thought "oh how sad, she's left Etsy" and then I remembered to try searching for the exact shop URL. Sure enough that store and several others I thought might have closed are simply on vacation.

I thought this was slated to be fixed last year?

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Happy to pass your ideas about Vacation Mode on to the larger team.

Thank you for the feedback,


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same. i recently "re-opened" (came back from a lengthy vacation) but before i did, i couldn't find my shop at all. that was a bump in the road for my re-opening marketing push.
yep. I recently returned from a weeks vacation myself and had two messages on my shop phone from buyers asking if I had closed my shop. I now have a feeling I know where that idea came from.

If we are not current and selling, we are worthless to Etsy. I don't see this changing, ever. :(
I cannot understand how Etsy benefits from having shoppers misunderstand the real status of a shop. That the seller is temporarily away on vacation, and not permanently closed?
Yes- the fact that Etsy does this is very odd. And it sucks. And very misleading for people looking for your shop- it's always likely to cause a big ruckus! Why would they *do* this...???

Yes- exactly, Ellejay!
I live in an area where one year out of very 5 we have significant ice storms. If I have 6 inches of ice encasing my car, I'm only going to be driving after that melts. You cannot even open the door to start the engine.

When I sold on Ebay, this happened more than once, and I had orders in my Store often during weather emergencies. It helped to be able to post a "vacation" message about weather delays, and have my items available for sale if I chose.

when you board up your shop and walk away, even if it is for a short time, you are no longer a shop. You should not show up as a shop.
Brad, why do you think so? If a small business owner in bricks and mortar is going on vacation, their storefront does not disappear from the street. Nor is their phone service turned off. People can walk or drive by, and see a sign "closed until (some date)" or call their business phone and hear a recorded message that they will be open again whenever.

You are "no longer a shop" when you close your shop on Etsy and have the ID you used as a seller deleted. Until then, you are a shop.

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