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Chinese reseller shops

Etsy please start taking control over your site and try to start shutting down these resellers. One on here today has been here 4 weeks with her latest shop (mind you she has listed that she also has 3 other shops on etsy) and literally in 4 weeks over 2038 sales and counting. I mean seriously, you are claiming you make everything yourself, can you explain to me how it is possible to make that many leather bracelets in one shop ( that does not count what her sales are in all the other shops she has). I mean what more of a red flag do you need etsy to realize this is a factory? I am so discouraged at this point even selling on here anymore. My views have flat lined to less than 20 per day per shop. One shop I have not bothered listing or re listing in months - I mean what is the point? I mine as well save my money. I have had 2 sales in the past few months that is it. I believe I am going to combine shops into one and just save my money rather than paying fees on 3. The bigger etsy grows the harder it is to make any sales at all. Prior to etsy's last few changes and the google panda update I was really starting to get hope - my sales were building every week. Now since the google panda update my sales have tanked completely. All these re sellers do not help us that is for sure. I read you now have over 300 employees can you not afford to put a couple people on to just police the site? Or is their money in your pocket more important?

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All you can do is find their source and report them to Etsy. Be sure to provide them with links.
I have been down that road. I have reported and then they are back again. I am not sure that Etsy can do anything or maybe doesn't want to. Lets be real , Etsy is making $ of the resellers and in some cases more than small shops like mine. Good luck!
'Cos the only reseller shops on here are Chinese.....sigh....
Picket-she's speaking about one shop inparticular, which may be located in China, hence the thread name ?
I was as frustrated as you at the begining and now I am just moving on as I see more and more resellers coming to the site and nothing has been done about it.

No offence to the Chinese here, I am a Chinese myself and I can easliy identify those manufactured items. There is a Chinese equivalent of Ebay (in Chinese), you can find most of the resellers items on that site with thousands of people selling the same thing.
Yes I was speaking of one specific shop who claims ownership of three other shops even though each has a different persons name on it?? I know there are tons of resellers on here and we report them over and over again and they continually re open new shops new names etc the following week. Sadly they are reaping all the sales and us small artists are screwed. Its sad that we have to police etsy - in my humble opinion etsy should police etsy. There should be a check system before anyone is allowed to open a shop and etsy should have a staff of full timers that do nothing but check shops regularly. It should not be up to us as small business owners to do their job for them. But again that is just my opinion. Heck pay some of us to do your job for you. I would take a paycheck to do nothing but go over lists of shops and shut down resellers. It is just so discouraging. I stop selling wristbands a while back because I really did not see the point!! I left a couple leather bracelets on my shops that were popular but did not renew tons of leather bracelets as I saw no point. I no longer make them and list them. You cannot compete with 4.99 or less in many cases.
Totally agree with you Jodie and yes that is the case in point I am talking about - I see the exact same items over and over on here and ebay as well as all the other sites. They are cheaply made and in many cases fall apart soon after they are received. But you are correct very little is being done..
All you can do is report the shops and provide sufficient documentation and let Etsy look after it.

And not all resellers are from China. Many are based in the USA.
Picket Fence Confectionsfrompfconfections says

'Cos the only reseller shops on here are Chinese.....sigh....

Well, not quite. Only 99% of them.

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