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"About" page clue to e-mail subscribers

I'd love to see an e-mail go out to Etsy subscribers, telling them directly of the new "About" feature.

I imagine most customers would absolutely be interested in going behind-the-scenes to Etsy Shops, and right now, the little link is going to go unnoticed I think.

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(But probably wait to send out notice until we sellers have had time to fill out the About Page).

Also, it would probably be a good idea to send a direct message to Sellers alerting them to the new About Feature, because not everyone goes to the Forums, and the "Edit About Page" link is small.
Anybody support this, or is an e-mail promoting our About Page too pushy...?
As enthusiastic as everyone is, I don't think buyers are going to be looking at About pages too often. When was the last time you clicked on the About page on any other website?

Informing users about this new page would probably encourage more people to check it out, I guess. I'd appreciate an email that periodically informed me about all the new changes. It's hard to keep up.
i view the about me page of every seller that has one on ebay before i buy

so i think people will view it

especially in this economy

where you want as much info as possible before you spend your money
Yeah,...I don't often click on About pages, but I definitely have clicked on them before. Besides Etsy, I've read the About for a few bloggers that I found interesting.

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