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oh heck no!
What I do know is the Artfire forums gave me the hives -awful if you weren't in the gang.
No thanks. One more piece of programming to go wrong or be abused with no particular advantage.
No thank you.
the ability to reply to a comment directly.

Nested replies can get complicated and messy pretty quickly. I think the best idea would be the ability to actually quote the post you are replying to.

Where it has the link to report this post, it would be nice to have a link where you can quote this post and it would appear in your reply.

I loathe the idea of upvoting or downvoting comments. It's not a social media site, it's a business site.
Thumbs down. This ain't Reddit.
I have to disagree with you Kazadoodle on "It's not a social media site, it's a business site."

When you allow the ability to have "circles", "treasuries" and "favorites" it is just as much a social media site as it is a business site. I think what makes Etsy so great is that it is so personal. You get to know the person you are buying your product from, you can follow them, you can easily communicate with them.

Plus every other thread post is dealing with social media.
I agree that the ability to quote previous posts, rather than copying and pasting, would be helpful.
Wow, I am absolutely shocked at the "no" response on this idea. Considering that popular topics can have hundreds of responses, most of which are tangential, off-topic, or repeats, it would be amazing if the comments perceived more valuable could be bumped up. Nobody has time to read 80 pages of comments to get at the most valuable information that is buried randomly in there.

I do disagree with the Reddit model in that I don't think your upvotes or downvotes should be carried through to your account/profile. The upvotes or downvotes should be thread specific, with no profile count. This would help disincentivize the ganging up mentioned in a previous comment.

Currently, those threads with over a thousand comments just end up being the same cycles of conversations every 5 pages or so.

I think the Google Forum model or NPR comment system is pretty good.
mm not sure I like this idea.. I have read through hundreds of thread posts..even though sometimes I do skip over... if the thread is interesting I will read it and visit often.. if not then it just goes away,.. and if it does then maybe it wasnt that interesting to begin with ?

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