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Take the Wedding Banner off the Front Page Petition

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I thought I was just being irritable.. but i totally agree. I've also noticed, that just about EVERY shop/person featured is a wedding-related business. Does this bug anyone else? Not that my own chances of being featured are so great, but I feel that people in the wedding industry are getting WAY more help and attention than everyone else..
doesn't look like administration has updated the announcements
since June. Maybe they are just on summer vacation and feel
the wedding banner might as well not be updated either. after all,
there are a lot of fall weddings, too. :/ ugh.
Please take the wedding banner away! And all front page banners!!

I loved the old Etsy front page as a shopper, and as a seller, since the wedding banner has been there my sales are down 70% and i'm a wedding seller!!

Take it away PLEASE!!
Looks like they changed the four wedding photos, lol. I guess that's a step?
I guess only wedding shops money works on Etsy.
As a buyer on Etsy (and a one day shop owner, hopefully), how about the banner being divided in three: shop handmade, shop vintage, shop supplies? One could then click on a section, be led to said category and search specifically from there. For example, I am looking for a vintage Dooney and Burke purse, so I would click on "shop vintage" and take it from there. I cannot remember if the banner was ever this way. It may also satisfy some of those not happy with the "drop box" changes.
I agree. Take down the wedding banner, and keep all banners off.
for what it's worth: signing

sadly, i don't believe it matters anymore what we think and it hasn't for a long, long time.
odelay03, I think that's a great idea! I would love for them to be promoting Christmas in July if they're going to promote something!
Still cringing when I go to the FP.

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