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Micro Payments and Direct Checkout

I've had a trawl through the forums and can't find this topic, so I thought I'd mention it.

Paypal has a Micro Payment option, where instead of paying 2.9% + 30c, you can pay just 5% an 5c. This works very well if your average transaction amount is $2.00, as mine is. I pay around 17c to Paypal per knitting pattern I sell.

Etsy Direct Checkout doesn't have this option, so it's not competitive for my business. 3% + 25c = 31c. That's almost twice what I pay on Paypal.

Are there any plans to create a similar micro payment option for EDC? Would you even consider it?

Thanks for your time.

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Just bumping this now the admins are awake.
Really good idea, Etsy should implement this.
The problem with micro payments is that if a customer buys more than one item, it's a disaster in terms of the percentage. I can see this being good if you're the type of shop where people buy only one item at a time, though.
That's true Brandi, but it's up to the shop owner to decide if it's worth their while. If I mostly sold multiple patterns or lots of finished items I would go back to standard PP and sign up for EDC.

In the meantime, the micro payments option works well for me.
sounds like a good idea for some people
Micro-Payments are good if your orders are generally $12 or less, so even several $2.00 items could be purchased and still have a lower rate than when using a regular PP account. There are lots of pattern & button shops that use it successfully.

It would be great if Etsy would do a tiered system for sellers and have lower rates for small sales.

PP doesn't have a tiered system, you have to use a Micropayment account and all transactions through that account get that rate:

Paypal Micropayments
Heck, it'd be nice if we could set up our shops to send lower priced orders to one PP address and higher dollar orders to another, to take advantage of the different PP fee systems.
OMG, more bookeeping! lol!

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