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Does having a sale work?

Like buy one get on half off or percentage sales? I've never done one, and I usually avoid browsing shops with SALE in the title description or on the photo. I do look at clearance sections in shops though. Any feed back appreciated!

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in my experience with my other shop, no, but I think everyone has a different experience. If you can afford to give the sale price, you may as well try it out and experiment
I can't afford a sale at this time, but I'm considering up my prices in the near future.
It depends on many things. First of all, are you priced well enough that you can afford to have a sale and still make a profit?

I've had many successful sales (and some not so successful) and I've found that surprise sales (with lots of promotion) work better than a periodic sale. You want people to feel a sense of urgency with buying, so make it a few days or for a short period of time.

Etsy on Sale works MUCH better for garnering sales than just a coupon code, I've found. Also what percentage you take off matters. It should be at least 20% (to gain interest) but no more than 40% unless you're doing clearance.

Make sure to promote! Facebook, twitter, etc.
I had a Christmas In July Sale and did not get any sales from it. However, some shops have a Sale and get many sales from it. Just depends on the shop I guess. Give it a try. I am going to try a sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday this year.... Etsyonsale is easy and effective for having a sale.
Thanks Brandi!
In my other shop when I have sales I don't really get any sales. I guess it might be timing maybe like a Black Friday sale,etc.
It has never worked for me. While I may get a bit more traffic, it never translated to sales. Actually the opposite happened. Sales died. I stopped the practice.

This was my experience, I know some that it has worked for well. It's hard to say until you give it a go.
I've had some successful and some not so much.

I think my international shoppers really liked the Free Shipping for July.

Just depends :) You win some you lose some, but just make sure that your prices are high enough that you can afford to do them!
NO sales with a sale and no sales without a sale....hmmmmm.

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