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Etsy Taste Test

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Hell! I was really enjoying this, but only got 25% of the way through before it stalled out... I was getting a mostly-blank page. I refreshed the page and was sent back to the beginning :(
Also, how come half the listings don't exist anymore? They're not sold - sold ones are still accessible.
Stalled after 3 pages..froze..sigh..Yes spider I am getting the same..

I wish we could show what was chosen....OMG..I can't even describe what I just saw for me.....
Quick and easy test and the suggestions were great.
Hey all, thanks for the report. I have pushed out a change that I hope should fix the issue. Thanks, and sorry for the error :(

Oh, and a good chunk of items in the game are no longer available on Etsy, but are good items to ask people about to determine their taste. We'll be working on addressing this shortcoming in a future release.
tried the taste test but didn't finish it.

it took:
59 pages to find something i liked, then
31 pages
33 pages
36 pages
and then i clicked on something accidently and couldn't remove it from the mix, so i gave up.

my taste is pretty defined. a few simple questions could have made a lot of headway on narrowing my choices from the get go. favorite color, do i like vintage, do i wear jewelry, do i hate felt owls, etc.
Sorry to hear that cattuslavandula :( I'll work on adding a remove button to the test.
i took the test again.
after 299 'i don't like this show me more' clicks, i saw my results.

the only things i liked in the display were those i chose during the test. and oddly enough, all my choices were blue yet virtually none of the selections made by the system were. not only didn't the filter notice that i love blue, it didn't take into consideration what i'd rejected.

the results of the taste test were totally random choices.
oops and a few white items, too.
Oooohhh I LOVED those items!!! Thats exciting!

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