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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Making Change

Making Change is a team of activist artists with etsy shops

Change it up with charms-pendants

Change it up with charms-pendants

Change it up with charms

Jewelry suppliers, artists, retailers and more. Wanting to work together to enhance business by supporting each other.

Love Health, Diet and Positive Change

A team for anyone interested in positive self-development, health, nutrition and fitness. Everyone from beginner to seasoned welcome.

Let us buy or change

You are looking for something really special, but you are at a loss, there are so many shops here??!! Join us and write what you need!

Leave Something Witchy

Always changing. revolutionary

Player of Matrix Dimension

Unite! create change thru inspiration!

Etsy Images Beta

Testing changes to member uploaded images

DIY Rebellion

A group of DIY innovators looking to change the world.