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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


A way to connect through the masses out there.

Etsy Connect

New Team! A place for people of Etsy to connect through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogs, Treasuries and Promote each others shops.

Artisan Connection

We support and promote artisan made.

Candy Connection

A place for Candy lovers, Candy Makers, Candy Enthusiast, and everything sweet oriented.

The Giveaway Connection

A place for bloggers and sponsors to connect!

Creative Connection

A group of diverse artist connected my friendship, motherhood and ambition

The Scrapbooking Connection

Sharing passion for crafts, exploring new challenges and experiments.

Etsy and Blogs connections

The purpose of this team is to connect the creative bloggers to etsy shoppers and help each other.

St. Louis Etsy Connection

This team is for all St. Louis Etsy Shop owners. The goal of this team is to expand all St. Louis sellers clientele and connect for events.

Childrens Clothing Connections

Connecting Buyers with Sellers of unique handmade children's clothing.