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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Strategic Promotion for Success Team

Promotion is the key to being successful on Etsy. SPS Team is a global community of members who enjoy supporting each other and

The Curators

A juried team for those who enjoy curating fp-worthy treasuries as an art form.

Treasury Island

An all inclusive team for those who enjoy making treasuries. No minimum and no cover charge. :>

Yarn and Fiber Alliance of Etsy

For all those who produce, create, or simply enjoy wonderful creations of yarn, fiber, and dyes.

Magic the Gathering Team

A team for all Etsians - sellers and buyers - who enjoy the card game Magic: the Gathering.


This team is for all who love Pretty things ,treasuries, meeting fellow etsians and enjoying everything handmade.

Polymer Clay Enthusiasts

This team is for anyone who makes, sells, & enjoys the art of polymer clay. Whether you make bottles, beads, characters, or ornaments!

Urban Explorers (& Rural Explorers too!)

This team is dedicated to the many and proud people who find beauty and enjoyment out of exploring urban and rural landscapes.

Etsy Mommies

This team is open to anyone who is a mommy, knows a mommy, loves her mommy and enjoys buying or selling on Etsy.

Needful Things Dark Trading Team

Needful Things Dark Trading Team is a collection of trade friendly shops that enjoy the darker side of life and Etsy!