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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


This treasury team makes beautiful front-page-quality treasuries in a friendly, caring atmosphere.

Scandinavian Design

lovers of Scandinavian design

Jewelry Designers from Cali

Jewelry Artists showcasing their talents that live in California

Desert Indie Designers

For Etsy sellers who live in or near Tucson, Arizona.

Fort Lauderdale Artists and Designers

Artists and designers from Ft. Lauderdale and Metro Broward County, FL

Jewelry Designers In Arizona

This is a team for anyone who makes jewelry in Arizona


Designers and artists who live and design / create in ISRAEL.

Finland handcrafters team

A team for artisans, artist and designers that live in Finland.

Creative Germans in the US

German artists and creative folks living in the US.

Ohio Woodcraft

This is the forum for Ohio woodcrafters and designers.