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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Together We Are Stronger

Let's help to spread the word about our own and each other's businesses.

Rotterdam Square Mall Farmer Market

This is a team for the vendors who participate in the Rotterdam Square Mall Farmer Market, or would like to.

Social Networks : Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Promotion.

Just a place to post your Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest link and visit others!

Facebook for Etsy A-Z

Learn to market and sell on Facebook. Exchange tips and advice on social media.

Affiliate Marketing Team

This is a team dedicated to helping affiliate marketers find your shops affiliate offers while also promoting the members shops.


Etsy Marketing (not so) 101

Nashville TN Marketing Team

A small group of crafters in the Nashville, TN area looking to promote their products thru joint marketing efforts.

PrettyPanther - Etsy Marketing & Promotion

Real guides, tips and advice how to creatively market your Etsy shop, let's help each other grow even bigger. No self promotion allowed.

Square One Learning

Community Based Marketing and Business Help


Etsy sellers, artisans and folk who have Facebook account.