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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Favorite My Treasury

Post your treasury then comment & favorite others to help promote

Hot Treasury Team

A treasury promoting team for anyone to join. Lets help each other to boost the hotness of our treasuries and have some fun in the process!

The Rouge Treasury Team

A compilation of creators dedicated to making beautiful treasuries to promote each other within the Etsy world.

Treasury place team

Treasury place team- helps people to see treasuries, communicate and sell crafts items.

Heart my Treasury

New Treasury making team looking for active members. This team is dedicated to creating gorgeous Front Page worthy treasuries!

Eclectic Treasury Team

We are a diverse group of Etsians who love to make treasuries!

Thriftbreak Treasury Team

Treasury making team for vintage sellers who use the hashtag #thriftbreak on Twitter.


Help your shops and treasuries get recognized on this team!

Ten Favorites Treasury Team

Love the idea of favoriting a treasury? This is the team for you!