SUBWAY 1975-1985 Photographs by Gerard Exupery


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by Gerard Exupery

70 Pages, Softcover

His pictures always seem to confront you; there's nowhere to hide. They have a presence, a signature; they're not impersonal. Exupery has a grasp of the human spirit. He draws you into his spirit world, and now I see the east coast of the US and his personal world differently; the humanity that's there. Exupery packs significant qualities to draw people to his camera. The tonality, the composition, the deep velvet blacks prove to me that black and white photography can still communicate an ambiance, a mood, and most of all a compassionate feeling. Exupery takes up Kerouac's quest to "go thou, go thou, and die hence; and of this world report you well and truly."

Jack Bailey
Los Angeles
August 2019

So you are going to look at these wrong. We know how the story ends. 2019 New York City is a Disney Theme Park, at least for those with the requisite Amex Black cards. We look at these photos and think of movies like Death Wish or Warriors. Movies which – and I can't stress this enough, we watch for entertainment. But these people do not exist for our enjoyment. In fact, they are not even people. Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Adams agree: what makes things beautiful is the idea of death. These are pictures of ghosts.

Stephen Fretz
September 2019

NYC to the marrow. His pictures don't smell sweet but they satisfy a hunger. They are true and they are authentic. Just viewing Exupery's photographs has left me with a black eye. I'll admit the man behind them frightens me somewhat. If I ever meet him for a coffee, I'll be packing, just in case. But I'll be proud to have met him, and survived.

John Perivolaris
West Kilbride, UK
August 2017

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