Crafting support for issues that matter to the Etsy community

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We are a global community of creative micro-entrepreneurs, advocating for policy reforms that make it easier to start and grow our businesses.

There are over 1.9 million Etsy sellers around the world, who collectively sold $3.25B in goods in 2017 alone. Individually, our businesses may be small, but together we represent significant economic impact and opportunity. Yet, policymakers often overlook the Etsy community when considering new laws, and fail to understand the common challenges we face—from managing complicated tax laws to the pains of international shipping. Governments can help reduce those barriers, but we need to educate them about our unique experiences and needs. By coming together and advocating for ourselves, we can make the Etsy Economy a reality, enabling creative entrepreneurs around the world to thrive.


Tax and Regulatory Compliance

Micro­businesses often struggle to learn about the complex tax and regulatory systems that govern their businesses. Policymakers should make it easy for a business­of­one to comply with their tax and regulatory obligations.

International Shipping

Trade laws have not kept pace with the growth of e­commerce and the opportunities it creates for micro­businesses, which often export goods from day one. Policymakers should reduce the barriers creative entrepreneurs face when shipping goods across borders.

Micro-­Business Growth and Development

Most government programs to support small businesses focus on businesses of ten, fifty, even two ­hundred people. See how policymakers can expand their focus to encourage self-employment and micro­entrepreneurship as well.

Economic Security for the Self­-Employed

Micro­entrepreneurs must manage income volatility without the benefits of social insurance, and often struggle to find health insurance, save for retirement, or take time off to care for new children or aging family members. Here’s what we think will help.

Net Neutrality

The Internet has democratized access to entrepreneurship for millions, allowing micro-businesses to access a global market of customers and compete with much bigger brands. Governments should continue to protect and preserve a free and open Internet and the opportunities it provides.

Online Platforms and E­commerce

Sometimes governments consider laws that don’t target Etsy sellers directly, but would help or hinder Etsy’s ability to grow or provide services to our community. Learn more about our efforts on these issues here.