Etsy On Sale

Jason, Mitsu and Cameron

About This App


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Etsy On Sale allows you to manage automated sales events, automatically backup your Etsy listing photos, schedule listing renewals, and edit tags with just a few simple clicks! You can manage multiple shops in one Etsy On Sale account. Check out the demo videos and use our free trial to take our tools for a test drive.


Automatically protects and organizes your Etsy photos. Daily automatic backups of ALL photos for ALL your listings. Your FULL SIZE photos are encrypted and backed up to multiple secure data centers. Restore any photo to a listing on Etsy with 2 clicks. Download photos back to your computer any time. Protection from computer hard drive failure, from ransomware and other virsuses that hold your data hostage, and from accidental deletion on your computer or on Etsy's Listing Manager
PHOTO BACKUP & RESTORE gives you peace of mind!


Place all or part of your shop items on sale with just a few clicks! Schedule sales events for the future or start them immediately. Etsy On Sale automatically updates your shop items for the sale and then restores the original prices at the end of the sale. Your items are promoted on the Etsy On Sale website during your sale driving new traffic to your shop. You also receive a personalized shop sale page you can use to promote your sale on Facebook, Twitter, a blog, or email newsletter.


Automatically renew your shop listings. Set certain listings to renew at specific times or have Auto Renew randomly renew items. Choose from a variety of renewal options.


Edit all of your tags with one click. You can add or replace tags and apply the changes to your entire shop or just one section.