About This App

Looking to save time and improve your customer experience for your personalized Etsy listings? Try Corjl. This popular personalization platform dramatically improves the process of selling and buying personalized products on Etsy. Your customers will have the ability to instantly demo, customize, and visualize your products directly from their computer or mobile device. No special software or skills are required.

• Upon purchase, buyers have the ability to immediately personalize your designs.

• For digital product sellers, buyers can directly download the completed product.

• For customized physical product sellers, once the buyers approve their own personalization, the finalized design is automatically provided to the seller for order processing.

• Customer editing eliminates the back-and-forth messaging and multiple edits that are typically required to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

• Create demo links that allow your potential customers to interactively engage with your product designs.

Corjl is an easy and convenient solution for both buyers and sellers. It saves designers and product sellers dozens of hours of labor weekly.

Try Corjl today with a 7-day FREE trial and see how it can help take your Etsy shop to the next level.

Corjl is available in English only. We accept credit/debit cards as payment methods.