Handmade Top 10


About This App

Handmade Top 10 is where buyers get the best!

Find the best handmade, vintage and supply items on Etsy by rating products to determine the Top 10 in various shopping categories.

For shoppers:
- Fun Shopping Experience – This is a fun, engaging, and interactive way to shop. Immediately after rating a product, you can see what other potential customers thought of the same product.
- Find The Best of Etsy – You can shop by finding the top rated products in any category. Let other customers assist you in finding the best products on Etsy that you want.
- Avoid The Clutter – Sellers are only displaying their best products, so you quickly find the best Etsy has to offer.
- Discover New Favorite Sellers – Shopping is like exploring, you never know what you will find on the next product rating – hopefully something you absolutely must buy!
- Provide Feedback to Sellers – You can anonymously communicate how you feel about a product immediately to a seller. Let your ratings influence sellers to better serve your needs.

For Etsy Sellers:
- Free Marketing Opportunities – Increased exposure for your Etsy shop and products by 1000’s of potential customers every day. Social media links and live blog widgets help you create content to deliver to the social media crowd.
- Make More Sales – The more potential customers that see your products, the more sales you will make.
- Discover Market Trends - Your potential customers have spoken through their ratings. Interpret these ratings to see what top performing products and shops are doing to make the best score.
- Improve Your Products – Your product ratings reveal how potential customers view the mix of many important variables: the product, price, picture, title, and the “it” factor of your product. Tweak these variables to optimize your product for peak performance by getting a higher score.
- Have Fun and Shop Too – We know there is not one Etsy seller who also doesn’t love to shop too, so enjoy the benefits shoppers experience as well.

Handmade Top 10 is brought to you by Etsy seller, Timothy Adam and the Handmadeology team. We are committed to helping the Etsy community (both buyers and sellers alike). We are absolutely addicted to the site, because it is so much fun - go give it a try, we hope you love it!